VoiceThread, Snapvine – Conversations

Pictures are worth a thousand words. That is exactly what VoiceThread is attempting to capture. It is not hard to see how this could really be used as an effective teaching tool or be extended to multiple formats (it does doc, images and video already) as well. This innovation leverages the thought that conversation can be captured around a live real-life event exactly the way it happens in our lives. Reminds me of a friend of mine who creates “conversation lamps” – a metal scrapture converted into a lamp that becomes a talking point whenever you get a visitor!

Another interesting one is SnapVine. This innovation allows you to add voice to an image and contribute to blogs using your voice.

Maybe in time some one will bring up a tool that shall allow people to really re-construct a video if a conversation. For example, I post something on a blog (or start a mail or discussion thread) and people respond with voice, presentations or videos (or a combination) creating a proper discussion around the original post. The I go into a tool that allows me to sequence all the arguments (along with supporting slides/videos etc) into one coherent conversation. How nice would that be!

Good bye to news studios inviting people for a face to face! Hello to the billion panel discussions we are having around us today!

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