CCK08: Level One MindMap

I put together a very abstract 10,000 ft high view of what I have been learning so far in this course. I don’t find it very useful to navigate so many inter-relationships in one large map (what a tangled web we weave).

(View the full sized image)

2 thoughts on “CCK08: Level One MindMap

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  1. Viplav

    This is a very clear visualisation. I have not drawn up my map yet and your example has prompted me to think about doing so.

    My main difficulty is that I am struggling with a 2D representation of temporal changes in my learning. I am wondering too about the weightings I give to parts of the map. Early cartographers seemed to have difficulties with scale in drawing imagined destinations.

    Thanks for sharing your map.


  2. Viplav,

    Nice high level view. I think it is easier to do what you have done when you hold off on the mapping exercise until you ahve an idea of where things are going.
    I did mine as I went along so my mindmap is actually a simple set of course notes with each readings key ideas. What you see here is me sorting through the morass of communcations tools. ( I have now broken out my weekly readings and presentations to the right and summarize each readings key points. IN some cases, I draw linkages between readings and weeks.


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