The Kahani of Learning

For those who are not aware, Kahani is the Hindi word for Story. And this gentleman tells a story like no one else I know. His use of metaphors is wondrous.

The Torrent of Words, by the way, thunders down from the Sea of Stories into the Lake of Wisdom, who waters are illuminated by the Dawn of Days, and out of which flows the River of Time. The Lake of Wisdom, as is well known, stands in the shadow of the Mountain of Knowledge at whose summit burns the Fire of Life.

And talking about the River Silsila (Silsila means a chain of something, for example, a chain of thoughts, events, conversations):

The new river was shining in the silver sunlight, shining like money, like a million mirrors tilted towards the sky, like a new hope. and as Luka looked into the water and saw there the thousand thousand thousand and one different strands of liquid, flowing together, twining around and around one another, flowing in and out of one another, and turning into a different thousand thousand thousand and one strands of liquid, he suddenly understood what he was seeing. It was the same enchanted water that his brother, Haroun, had seen in the Ocean of the Streams of Story eighteen years ago, and it had tumbled down in a Torrent of Words from the Sea of Stories into the Lake of Wisdom and flowed out to meet him. So this was – it had to be – what Rashid Khalifa had called it: the River of Time itself, and the whole history of everything was flowing along his very eyes, transformed into shining, mingling, multicoloured story streams.

I don’t think Salman Rushdie would have intended to write this as a definition of our networked learning world in Luka and the Fire of Life, but then, what do you know?

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