Holographic eLearning

This has got to be more than awesome. I found this article on Samsung’s use of holography to position a new product and then went on to look at Dimension Studio’s Holographic Projection System. Further investigation got me to the first holographic training session from OnTrack, a paper presented at the InSITE 2010 conference on 3D Holography Technology in Learning Environment, and even a 1989 article titled Holography: Opening new horizons for Learning (on JStor, for which I have, alas, no access).

With Telepresence being one part of this phenomenon, in my mind there is more than the cost dimension to this technology that promises to make it an important part of how we learn and collaborate in the future. I can immediately think of simulations or even real world impacts from local settings. For example, think of operating (robotically controlled) real equipment from across the world in an immersive manner, or operating upon virtaul objects in a multi-user collaborative environment. The possibilities are real and worth investigating from a learning perspective – maybe the advent of Web 4.0?

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