24. What if we did not educate teachers in the same ways we educate our children?

Today we expect our student teachers to be exposed to the same systems, pedagogical practices and theoretical focus that we expect our students to follow. The system generates people trained to think in the ways of the system – that does wonders for an effort to replicate at scale, but doesn’t create transformation patterns.

What if teachers were trained in continuously new and different ways than how we educate our students – how would our systems for teacher training be any different from what they are?

For example, a course on education theory would be handled very well in a format that accommodates diverse views and experiences from a network of very learned and committed individuals around the world. In order for teachers to be actively reflect on their learning, the course in Education Theory in a teacher preparation course or program should perhaps include ways for student teachers and teacher educators to use the entire web and social media effectively to learn.

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