The brief hiatus (not so brief as I look back) has been because, well, I have been writing a book. It is called WhatIf.Edu and it sprung out of a series of posts on rethinking the education system that I started over at LinkedIn and the blog I set up for it.

The book asks a whole load of questions, and hopefully will provoke us to think deeper about many things that form the foundation of the current system of education – like WhatIf Teachers Played Games with Students? or WhatIf We changed the Way we Credential Learners? The book draws upon examples from around the globe and spans our conceptions of time, structure, integrated curricula, student grouping, pedagogy (and andragogy), online learning & MOOCs, games, credentials and even humor in the classroom.

Still in the edit and review phase, I am excited about having written it and more excited about seeing it in print this year. Thanks to all my great reviewers for their time and effort. Wish me luck!

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