Dr. Vasudha Kamat

Baxi has assembled a set of wonderful and seriously educative narratives through 12 reflective scenarios which are a response to simple looking but very difficult challenges to the education system itself. I am sure every concerned ‘teacher’ must be thinking of these questions.

WhatIfEDU explores ideas, research, development, experiments and efforts to make the whole process of learning “learner-centered” and not teacher or administration centered. Baxi has tried successfully to address these issues without taking sides, approaching them with open eyes and an open mind.

Our Education system has a widespread inertia. We have been using the same model for years together knowing fully well that it is not working. Many experiments have been conducted, but they have remained ‘experiments’. Their large scale application has proved challenging.

I have high hopes that WhatIfEDU will create many ‘Islands of light’ by illuminating the minds of the readers.

Former Vice Chancellor, SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai and Member, Committee for Draft National Education Policy of India (2018)

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