The EDGEX2012 Primer

Over the next few weeks, as the countdown to the EDGEX Disruptive Educational Research conference to be held in New Delhi from March 12-14 begins, I hope to bring to you all news and updates about the conference and its themes. The EDGEX 2012 Conference has been carefully and collaboratively constructed to bring cutting edge educational research... Continue Reading →

Learner Responsibility

We have often, actually most of the time, decided to focus on teachers, teaching methods, institutional structures, assessments and certifications, but what is the responsibility of the learner herself in this experience? I am not talking about defining learners by the characteristics (autonomous, takes responsibility for her own learning...) under the category of responsibility, but... Continue Reading →

Learner Profiling

When we look at the three pillars of learning design - learner, pedagogy (I will include learning theory, content and instructional design in this) and technology - we have been talking a lot about pedagogy and technology. I would like to start a discussion around the learner and how we can synthesize what we know about... Continue Reading →

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