Power of Ideas

Having participated in the Economic Times Power of Ideas initiative in 2010, there is a growing realization that there needs to be a way to channelize all the great ideas, expertise and experience in the education field, in India and abroad, to help assess and perhaps find solutions for some of the common challenges confronting us in education today.

If you are a ETPOI 2009/10 participant with ideas in Education or an interested person who would like to contribute, simply add in your name and details on to the comments section. My attempt will be to organize and facilitate this forum if there are people who would be willing to share time and effort in these areas.

Hope to see you on here soon!

5 thoughts on “Power of Ideas

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  1. Hi Viplav I admire your intellect and vision but the follow through is awesome. I am very much thinking that the answers will come from beyond education sphere itself so I’m sure you are broad enough but I observe that education serves itself and gets lost in that agenda.


    Or even how can we make ourselves obsolete by fostering independence and interdependence in community?


  2. Great Initiative Viplav..

    Mind Edutainment is in the education space addressing the need of the parents to train their children to develop thinking abilities beyond the academic framework. MEPL makes development of ‘thinking’ independent of academic performance or interest of a child.


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