3D Immersive Technology – Some thoughts

Almost every kind of IT has a potential impact on education. If you look at the various dimensions that constitute mainstream adoption, you want to look at the fit to the educational need, the capability of the audience to consume it, the access and availability of both platform and content, supporting infrastructure required and of... Continue Reading →

UK diaries

In the UK for a few days. Cool and windy on the streets of London right about now and it can get more than a little cold at times! eLearningAge features this early May story from Caspian Learning, Caspian Learning offers Thinking Worlds to business, that offers easy 3D based simulation authoring that blends into... Continue Reading →

3D Data Visualization

Data visualization in 2D is what we have done most of our lives. Till recently, I viewed 3D as a medium for understanding and manipulating complex structures (say molecules, genes, architectural maps etc) both for academic and commercial use. With mashups, came the concept that you could intermix n-dimensional data (like OLAP) in a Web... Continue Reading →

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