Panel 5: VLEs in HE (HE 2010)

Major General S B Akali, Director, Global Institute of Healthcare Management, talked about facilities should be reused and how mobile technologies will really make the largest impact. He talked about how technology can change culture and lifestyles. We must figure what direction to take ICT in because one tree can create a thousand matchsticks, but... Continue Reading →

Panel 4: Online Examinations (HE 2010)

Madan Padaki, Co-Founder and CeO, Meritrac Services, said he distinctly gets the sense that online examinations will become commonplace a few years from now. With that comes a responsibility to make sure that we not only provide the rights systems and processes, but also the right methodologies. In a survey they conducted with heads of... Continue Reading →

Panel 3: Technology enabled Campus (HE 2010)

Brig (Dr) R S Grewal, Chitkara University, talked about the state of the art required in campus today. With students driving the transition to new devices, applications and content in an ubiquitous, the central problem, he felt, was that around control and information security. The entertainment industry has its own impact with students connected with... Continue Reading →

Panel: Democratizing Distance Education (HE 2010)

Moderated by A M Thimmayya, SVP, Distributed Learning, Manipal Education who referred also to the debate between India and "Bharat". The theme was - Democratizing the dissemination of Quality Education. The first panelist, Dr. C K Ghosh, Director, Student Service Centre, IGNOU, spoke about the value of the sensitizing people that technology can be used... Continue Reading →

Panel: Use of technology in Learning (HE 2010)

Mr. B K Murthy, Director, Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications and Technology, Government of India, started by talking about a National Knowledge Network approved by the government in late March 2010 (costed around 5900 crores, taking over from National Mission). The plan is to connect all academic institutions on a high speed redundant... Continue Reading →

HE Summit Keynote: Sushma Berlia

We have an envious growth rate. Access is the most important dimension and bottleneck. We want to get 30% of our HE age group access to good quality, equitable education. ICT is a powerful tool in that quest. ICT implementations will help create the basic supporting infrastructure - content, delivery mechanism and evaluation. Nothing can... Continue Reading →

HE Summit Keynote: Prof. Pental

Our education system is a bit like Karol Bagh Market (a popular and crowded market place in Delhi). There must be some wisdon to separate engineering, agricultural etc institutes separate from universities, he said. There is some wonder to this; why we have not looked at university as a comprehensive systems as in countries like... Continue Reading →

HE Summit Keynote: Prof. Pillai

HE cannot be separated from other types of education. The challenge is to provide firstly, access (GER - Gross Enrolment Ratio - is 12% of 18-24 age group, world average is 23%); secondly, the quality of teaching learning is a bottleneck - if it improves, the GER will go up - this will improve by... Continue Reading →

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