LAK11: Semantic Web and Learning Analytics

Traditional BI has permeated the education function, at least in terms of the available platforms. Nearly every LMS platform provides some kind of reporting, but some systems are really advanced. For example, SABA’s BI (I think they use Business Objects) & SABA Social or Mzinga Omnisocial Platform analytics or Valdis Krebs’ work at orgnet or the work being done at Radian6, don’t... Continue Reading →

LAK11: The Connective Semantic Web?

In the whole discussion about semantic modeling, linked data is supposed to be a type of Graph data as opposed to object, hierarchical or relational data. Two sets of data can be related if they share intersecting vocabularies and ontologies. Ontologies can be expressed using OWL. OWL extends RDF relationship vocabulary and allows you to... Continue Reading →

LAK11: From Tin Can and LETSI

I mentioned Project Tin Can before on this blog. To give you a snapshot of the top ideas in their forum (please contribute as much as you can), here are some of the user ideas on how learning experiences should be tracked: Distributed content - include content across organizational boundaries Transparency of SCORM runtime data Multiple collaboration... Continue Reading →

LAK11: Metrics

There was a good discussion I had almost two years ago on LMSs and RoI. My observations were: Organizations use LMS metrics to measure employees' learning and development and derive RoI from training initiatives. Obviously tracking and automated flexible reporting of any sort is valuable to any organization in any function - provided it is accurate to... Continue Reading →

LAK11: Learning Analytics with LAK11

Of course, the world changed with SoMe. No longer were we thinking about a central portal where everyone came to, rather the service became the medium for distributed communication - with distributed cores. Each core, each node generating intelligence, transmitting and amplifying information. We have started leaving data trails across various Web 2.0  and Web... Continue Reading →

LAK11: Learning Analytics with

 My experience with Learning Analytics started about ten years ago with, arguably India's first large scale online learning initiative for the K12 segment, as its CTO. Charged with building the technology frameworks to support over 20,000 users and over 12,000 hours of learning content across grades 9-12, we designed and built a complete LCMS with... Continue Reading →

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