Networked Learning Environments

So are LMSs now part of a technology trend that is headed south? Will incorporation of Web 2.0 features make them more enticing? Will learning really become more effective if Web 2.0 happens to these LMSs? Will they start working on a networked learning SCORM advanced API soon, maybe by defining standard runtime Web 2.0 interactions... Continue Reading →

NBT – Networked Based Training Solutions

NBTs, the natural evolution (in my opinion) from WBTs, are a solution worth evaluating. Let us look at NBTs from two aspects - one within a learning context and the other from outside that context. Typical online training involves the use of self paced digital media or virtual classrooms. The major aspects are: The very... Continue Reading →

Network based Training (NBTs)

I have written earlier about what I am proposing as the evolution from the CBT and WBT - the NBT or Network based training, for some time now. NBTs provide a framework for organizations who want to adopt Web 2.0 and networked learning (the connectivism way) in their systems. The main components of the NBT... Continue Reading →

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